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At Home Testing

The first rapid drug test kit cleared by the FDA for home use

Our kit includes a rapid drug-screening device, a wide-mouth collection container, easy to read instructions, a handbook with frequently asked questions and all the materials needed to ship the sample to the laboratory if the screening device indicates the presence of drugs in the sample.

The At Home™ Drug Test hotline (1-877-466-3837, toll-free) is open Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 AMM to 5:00 PM Pacific. We are available to assist you with questions, provide results, and provide professional counseling referrals in your area. The At Home™ Drug Test and service are completely anonymous and confidential.

The rapid drug screening device resembles a credit card in size and shape; to use, dip it into the urine sample and read the results in 10 minutes or less. "Negative" results indicate that none of the targeted drugs were detected in the urine sample whereas "Inconclusive" results indicate that the device reacted with something in the urine and confirmation testing is required.

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