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Nicotine - At Home Drug Test

Testing Dip Card

Product Benefits Include:

  • Over 99% Accurate*

  • 100% Confidential

  • Easy-to-use dip card technology

  • Results in just 5 minutes

  • Laboratory Confirmation is included

The proof is in your results! Phamatech is proud to provide some of the highest quality At Home diagnostic testing. With our At Home diagnostics, we help you live healthier and more secure lives. Phamatech strives to innovate products that will give you top of the line results, with the benefit of privacy in your home.

Product Contents:

♦ Step-by-Step Guide - Download General Instructions Handbook
♦ Questions and Answers Handbook
♦ At Home Drug Test Device
♦ Collection Cup
♦ Labeled Vial
♦ Transport Pouch
♦ Mailing Box

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